Monday, April 26, 2010

Speech WRx: The Quiz!

What? You say it's no fair giving a quiz on a Monday? Meh. Nobody said life was fair. 

Here's a whacked-out med list. Can you guess all the Speech WRx?

1.  "An umbrella."
2.  "Total collapse."
3. "A cycle of beer." (Speech Wreck has a thing for beer, as we've seen).
4.  "Cole is seen." 
5.  "Old train him."  
6.  EXTRA CREDIT--Two WRx in one: "Pretty impulsive drugs."


1. Enbrel
2. Dulcolax
3. acyclovir
4. colchicine
5. Ultram
6. "Pyridium, sulfa drugs"'

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