Thursday, April 1, 2010

In honor of the day: A transcription prank. By a doctor, no less.

Anyone have any April Fool's pranks to share? I've been guilty of a few in my time, but have only been on the other end of one since being in the MT line of work. 

This was about a decade ago... I was working away as usual, no thought of what day it was... The next report started, it was one of the ER docs; he quickly gave the patient name as usual.  Then it took my brain a couple of seconds to catch up with my ears before I realized he was dictating in Spanish. I just sat there, sort of stunned (my high school/college Spanish was, sadly, far too long ago to be of much help to me). He had got through most of the HPI before the staffers who were, obviously, gathered 'round the mike behind him, could no longer restrain themselves and all started cracking up. He stopped and calmly said, "Oh. I seem to be dictating in Spanish. Oops. Better go get your dictionary." And then he started to laugh, and the staff around him guffawed, and so did I. 

(He later re-dictated the report sensibly, of course. Which is kind of too bad, because it would have been interesting to run the dictation through Google Translate). Sort of like speech wreck, but even sillier. 

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