Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Alternative to common sense?

Not a blooper, just a mini-rant. Sorry.

I understand that there's a role for alternative/complementary/non-Western medicine, and that it genuinely helps a lot of people, and that there's much about how the body works that science has yet to figure out. I get all that, I really do. 

But, see... if you have an enlarging and painful boil-like thing in a delicate location of your nether regions (i.e., a Bartholin cyst/abcess), why--oh, why--would you think, "Oh, dear, I seem to have something problematic on my hoo-ha, I'd better go to the....[wait for it]

.... acupuncturist?" 


(And yeah, it did occur to me that maybe she was being practical because acupuncturists have lots of big needles lying around. I already thought of that). 

P.S. The story has a happy ending, as it was actually the acupuncturist who sent her to the ER for I&D and a Word catheter...

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