Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Speech Wreck Dadaism

Speech-recognized drafts often contain wonderfully bizarre little snippets, phrases of Speech Wreck that aren't coherent enough to post but are too deeply weird to ignore; so I cut-and-paste them, and then string them together into fun Dadaist paragraphs, pseudonarratives signifying nothing. Like this:

This is a pleasant 18-year-old who was sent down from Mars. He has no evidence of having burned his highballs. Any decapitated septic breaks. He got sick over the weekend with nausea and Bob. Retractor based on the lower low place. Butternut appreciated. And every day, but ARA, I am sorry. She is a thermometer. Process or a lesser, or recent colds and I has not cheeseburgers disease. 

1 comment:

Jeff said...

"I has not cheeseburgers disease" killed me. Blargh! I am ded!