Thursday, September 16, 2010

Speech Wreck and found poetry

See, what happened is, this resident was dictating and hung up, somehow, but what he had actually done was put himself on hold. And, as also happens from time to time, the institution's recorded on-hold marketing spiel took over  the call. Which was being sent to the Speech Wreck server. 

For 36 minutes. Well, there was a little music, too. But mostly spiel. Over and over.

Speech Wreck didn't know quite what to do with the repetitive marketing spiel, so it created from it a rather fine postmodern existential poem. (I helped it with the formatting, 'cause poetry is important). The poem is about tongues, and Illinois (please note: The facility is not in Illinois), but that's just the surface stuff. Mostly it's about goals. And about being oriented. 

After you read this your goal will be to become oriented in Illinois. This is my dream.

00000 time a at 
in the oriented goals 
UA he time is a 0 lingual 
and really in the oriented goals 
outlined U the 90 he time and the lingual and is lingula 
in the oriented goals 
lying in the a UI time the OU but lingual and Illinois 
in the oriented goals 
MI in the UAUI spine strain use the O, but lingual and Illinois 
oriented bolus 
outlined in the AU she I spine strain use the ULO sublingual 
at goals 
and U she is in a UIO spine strain the ULO lingual 
and in the or goals 
and UAUI this time use the ULO lingual and 
he U oriented goals 
and EAU she IO this time. 
She the O lingual and, I, 


Anonymous said...

Oh, this wonderful. I laughed so hard I was crying. Where do you get this wonderful stuff?

Horse On A Mattress said...

Sadly, I don't have to 'get' it... it comes to me. I sit down at my computer and there it is on the screen. =)

Jeff said...

Like the love child of William Carlos Williams and e e cummings, if that love child dropped three tabs of reallllllly mellow acid

Or something.

lisagg said...

OMG Pam, you are hilarious!