Monday, May 24, 2010

Speech WRx Quiz, Rednecks Edition!

Why? Because it's Monday, and Monday sucks.

Here we go. I left the dosages if they appeared in the draft, by way of clues. Bwahahaha. Answers below.

1. Rednecks 500 mg daily
2. Esther--see you
3. Was rolled 10 mg p.o. daily
4. Floor sallow down 
5. Climbs up and down
6. stair well

(Those last two look like they should go together..but they appeared independently, in different reports, oddly enough).

1. Ranexa
2. Ester-C
3. lisinopril
4. chlorthalidone
5. clonazepam
6. Seroquel

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